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Industry Standards Measure Protects Consumers and Codifies Best Practices

An association of pet industry professionals championed legislation that would establish best practices and uniform standards throughout Illinois. The Best Practices and Uniform Standards to Ensure Consumer Protection and Safe Pets Bill is designed to create transparency in the sourcing of animals to help screen out puppy mills and other bad actors. The bill introduced Friday prohibits all pet stores and dealers from acquiring dogs and cats from commercial breeders not licensed by the USDA, and requires sellers to micro-chip all dogs and cats. The bill

further aims to reduce shelter populations by enabling pet stores and rescues to reclaim dogs/cats sold that are given up by owners and to re-home the animals.

“This Bill will protect consumers while ensuring that pet stores, suppliers, dealers, breeders and operators of shelters and rescues are working in concert to document the source, health and well-being of pets,” said IL Senator Mike Hastings (D-19-Tinley Park), co-sponsor of the bill SB1882. “The purpose of this bill is twofold,” added co-sponsor of HB2824 IL Rep Jerry Costello, II (D-116-Belleville). “It improves upon previous efforts to eliminate Puppy Mills while ensuring that consumer rights are protected and best practices are maintained statewide.”

Illinois Pet Lover’s Association (IPLA) maintains that by implementing a statewide sourcing standard for the sale of puppies and kittens, this proposed bill will:

  • Ensure that pets sold in Illinois are from licensed USDA breeders in good standing;
  • Provide full disclosure of information to consumers prior to any pet purchase;
  • Allow consumers the option to choose where to purchase a pet (pet store, pound, rescue organization or breeder); and
  • Provide remedies to consumers against any licensed pet shop that does not adhere to the law.

Further, by requiring pet stores to microchip all dogs and cats sold, the proposal enables pet stores to claim responsibility for dogs and cats that are left in shelters.

IPLA is a collection of Illinois pet store owners, veterinarians, pet suppliers and customers dedicated to the responsible sale of healthy pets from reputable breeders. This proposed bill also is supported by the American Kennel Club, Illinois State Veterinary Medical Society, Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council, and the Illinois Federation of Dog Clubs & Owners.